Q. What is Aozora Nursery?

A. This nursery is regarded as a ‘nature nursery school’ or a ‘field nursery’. This aims to carefully nurture children with the main focus being on field activities.

Q. What is purpose of Aozora Nursery School Takenoko?

A. The principal purpose of Aozora Nursery School Takenoko is to nurse and express guardianship. The children have many invaluable opportunities to play outside whilst interacting with others. The joys of playing in the field bring them not only physical strength but confidence and happiness. We hope the children will grow with a great sense of responsibility for others and themselves, determining their individuality along the way.

〈Location〉 41-3 Shibakiri Toyanoaza Fukushimashi Fukushima Japan
         Tel: 81-(0)24-545-0535
         Representative: Taeko Henmi

Satellite Nursery
  Location〉 71-32 Nishifujiizumi Rokugoucho Yonezawasi Yamagata Japan
         NPO Study of Agriculture and Culture (Former Hiroizato Nursery School)
         Tel: 81-(0)238-37-5362

  4.11.2008 Some of the guardians started a temporal nursery once in a week, named ‘Aozora Kinder Garden Rainbow Group’.
  18.12.2008 Changed its name into ‘Aozora Kinder Garden Takenoko’.
  14.02.2009 Started to show self-made movies
  10.04.2009 Introduced the membership of the Kinder Garden. The initial members attended the freshers’ ceremony.
  04.2010 Changed the name into ‘Aozora Nursery Takenoko’.
  10.2011 Started the ‘satellite nursery’ in Yonezawa City.


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